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Westbury Tender Care Nursery

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Big Bears Room

Welcome to our Pre-School section also known as Big Bears.

Children in this room range from 2 to 5 years of age. We provide a happy, relaxing environment where good behaviour is encouraged and the children are given the freedom to explore the many activities available, from painting to playdough, dolls to dinosaurs and tricycles to toy kitchens to name but a few. 

Everything is accessible and on their level, so when they are not engaging in an adult led activity children are able to explore their own interests.

Children learning to become independent is important to us at Tender Care, especially as they move towards school age, therefore we provide as many opportunities as possible for children to do things themselves. Children are encouraged to use a knife and fork, serve their own food, get their own plates and cups, attempt to put their own clothing on, try and remove outer garments, blow their own nose etc. We encourage this even from our youngest group and a helping adult will always be on hand for assistance.

Meet our Pet Snails

The pre-school room is also home to several Giant African Land Snails.

The children frequently explore them - holding and touching them. They learn about the life cycle and time and growth as they watch them develop from babies and care for them by helping to clean their closure and cutting fresh cucumber for their food.

Inside Pre-School...

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  • Let's play post office
    Let's play post office
  • Learning shapes
    Learning shapes
  • Let's make Elmer
    Let's make Elmer
  • We painted planets
    We painted planets
  • Indoor Sandpit
    Indoor Sandpit
  • Garden Slide
    Garden Slide
  • Fun with animals
    Fun with animals
  • Let's play builders
    Let's play builders
  • We like reading
    We like reading
  • Colour Fun
    Colour Fun
  • Garden Centre
    Garden Centre
Let's play post office
Let's play post office