Striving for Excellence

Westbury Tender Care Nursery

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Our Meals

At Westbury our homemade meals are freshly prepared by our experienced cook, who provides us with delicious hot lunches. We thoroughly believe that healthy eating in the early years sets the trend for future lifestyle. Our menu is well balanced, varied and has been planned with you children in mind.​

What We Offer

We offer three meals throughout the day; breakfast, lunch and tea, with a snack in between each. What meals your child has will depend on the sessions and days they attend, but a copy of the weeks menu is always displayed for our parents. Meals are included in the full day prices and half day prices. For Grant-funding only sessions parents can opt for nursery meals for a small additional fee or can provide a healthy packed lunch. All snacks are served with milk and water and at lunch times we offer water. Water is accessible throughout the day as we realise how important it is to keep children hydrated.

Babies will receive meals in consultation with parents. Mealtimes are more flexible to cater for each babies individual requirements, however, by the age of about 18 months we will encourage babies to use the routine used by toddlers and pre-school in preparation for transfer to the older group.​ Bottle feeds and special weaning feeds must be provided by parents, made up and ready to warm for use.​

Please note: At Tender Care we only serve the highest quality Halal meat and we do not serve beef or pork.


Westbury Tender Care believe that mealtimes should be a social, happy time where skills can be developed and foods tasted!! 

We recognise the importance of a balanced diet in promoting a child's growth, development and behavior and follow the guidance held by the Food Standards Agency for children 0-5 years.​​


At Westbury our menu works on a 3 weekly rotation. We have a winter menu for the colder months packed full off healthy, delicious, hearty meals and a summer menu​ for those lighter bites when the temperature is warmer. We will inform you daily of how well your child has eaten via contact back or key group information boards. Parents are more than welcome to contribute their meal ideas for the nursery menu.

​Dietary Requirements and Allergies

We cater for any special dietary needs that your child may have which should be brought to our attention at enrolment. We use only Halal meats and for every meal we are able to provide a vegetarian substitution. We also provide alternatives for children with allergies.

 The nursery operates a strictly no nuts policy, with both nursery food and packed lunches.