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Parents and Practitioners Working Together

Parents are children's first and main educators and know their children best. 

We know that when parents and practitioners in the early years work together what a direct impact it has on children’s development and learning. Both partners have much to learn from one another and a great deal to share with each other. Working together to really understand and meet a child’s individual needs begins with valuing and respecting the different roles that each partner plays. It is a process that involves sharing information and skills and building relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Open two-way communication is vital to make sure that knowledge and expertise is shared between partners. Central to all partnerships is the child who remains the priority.

At Westbury, we recognise that making partnership with parents and carers is essential, if we are to plan effectively for a child's learning and fully understand them. Therefore, we make it a priority to get as much information as possible from parents and provide as many opportunities as we can for joint working.

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Settling In

At Westbury, we believe a child is happiest at Nursery when he or she has been settled in the best possible way. All children are individuals and therefore may take more or less time to become completely settled within the Nursery environment. We do advise a minimum of 2 settling sessions at the Nursery before your child’s start date.


Monthly newsletters are produced and sent to all parents on a monthly basis. This newsletter contains written summaries of some of the many things the children have been enjoying at Nursery over the past month and will detail any other information such as charity events held, family fun days etc. Birthday and other celebrations are included also and any forthcoming dates for the diary. Within the newsletter will be a section relating to any staff news such as promotions, room changes etc.

Parent Mail

One of the ways to keep up to date with an array of things happening at nursery is our parent mail system.  In addition to the monthly newsletters, emails are sent out to parents which detail any other immediate news or updates. Many of our parents find this extremely useful and love that they receive regular communication from the Nursery as a whole.   Click here for more information.


Parents views are extremely valuable to us and to encourage this we provide many opportunities for you to share your thoughts and feelings.
We send out annual Nursery Questionnaires which ask questions in general about the Nursery such as menu’s, routines and communication.

All questionnaires are analysed and the findings shared which will include our reflection on any suggestions made.

Within the Nursery foyer you will find individual suggestion slips. Please see under 'Suggestion Box'.

Suggestion Box

Our suggestion box enables parents to make valuable contributions to help us enhance our learning environment, activities and general standards of practice. These can be anonymous or names and the box is checked weekly and comments taken on board, we do our best to implement new suggestions where possible.

Our menus are revisited on a regular basis by our Cook and Manager.  The 3 weekly menus operate seasonally. We offer a varied balanced menu which we are consistently praised for and is one that the children will always thoroughly enjoy.

It is important that we offer a variety of meals that would too be offered at home and welcome any suggestions that you may have. You will find a suggestion box located within the office should you have any ideas for foods.


Parents Evening

We hold two parents evenings a year - which are generally held in the evening - although times can be flexible to suit the family. 

  • Our informal coffee evening provides the opportunity to look through your child’s development records which include all of your child’s observations, photographs and art work. Staff will also be available should you have any questions.
  • The second one being by appointment times that are booked prior to the evening with your Key Person. On the evening itself you will meet with your child's Key Person to discuss your child’s development progress over the past term, and then also what we will be setting out to achieve over the coming months. We welcome suggestions from parents on both evening regarding next steps and encourage parents to leave comments reviewing their child's progress.

Contact Books

We know that parent's don't always have the time to converse with practitioners when dropping or picking up. Which is why for our Little Bears (under 2) we have developed 'contact books' this allows the events of the day to be recorded for you to read once home. It will detail activities, food, nappy changes, other feeds, general comments on how your child was today etc. It also provides parents/carers the chance to detail how the evening was - whether they had a bad night's sleep, or didn't eat very well the day before which might explain certain behaviours to practitioners or indicate that they may require an earlier nap time etc. For our older children similar information can be found on our 'How Well' Boards. [see below for details]

EYFS home learning bags

Throughout the nursery we encourage a home school link as much and as often as possible. Within each of our rooms we have a set of home learning bags, one for each area of learning, that are available for you to take home and enjoy with your child. The activities will be typical activities that would be on offer within the Nursery and we love to offer you the opportunity to experience this at home too.

Also within these bags are parent observation forms so that you can share with us any new and wonderful things your child has learnt. These then link into your child’s development record as a new achievement and/or new experience.  

Graduation Party

At the end of each Summer term comes the time when we have to say goodbye to all those children who are taking that big step onto primary school.
Many of our Pre School children have been with us for several years, many even from the baby room so we feel that it is imperative that we celebrate their time at Nursery with a Graduation Party. Children will be wearing graduation gowns and hats. On the day families are once again invited to join us for a party tea and ‘leaving ceremony’. During the ceremony the children will be presented with a certificate from Westbury Tender Care. Tissues are highly recommended!

Development Folders

Observations of your child’s learning and development are recorded on a weekly basis and form the foundations of our ‘activity planning’.  Observations are shared via development folders and we encourage the use of 'home observations' - as we know children's behaviour and what they do can differ greatly in and out of the setting. 

Once your child reaches the age of two, a two year old progress check will be completed. This looks specifically at whether your child is meeting the recommended developmental milestones and what their characteristic of learning is. 

Of course your child’s development record is accessible to you at any time.

Other ways we work together...

Open-Door Policy, Christmas Gatherings, Next steps & sharing, How well? sheets, Parent Workshops, Seminars, Training and many, many more.